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The first step in being successful with Money Genie is signing up for an account. Once your account is made, you’ll be able to redeem your $35 bonus.

Step 2

Share your unique referral link on all social media platforms, as well as directly to your friends and family. For every click you receive, you will earn $1. For every referral, you will earn $5.

Step 3

Cash out your earnings instantly! There’s no delay on securing the money that you made! Our payment methods are PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.. We also allow our users to withdraw their earnings in BitCoin.
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Money Genie is a social media network dedicated to helping people make money on social media platforms. We team up with huge corporations to provide offers that you can complete to earn money.

We pay all affiliates with the revenue that they generate! Money that affiliates have made completing offers from advertisers gets paid back to them. Money Genie is simply the middle man between influencers and advertisers.

Anyone is able to make money on Money Genie you just need to complete task and share your link! If you’re interested in knowing how much you could possibly make use the calculator besides me!

You’ll receive your payment instantly once you request your earnings and have set your payment method. If we have any difficulties with your payment we will email you with the email you’ve provided to us.


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