Who am I ?

Hola, My name is Alejandra. I am your Money Genie blogger. Much like a manager, I, too, can help you with your struggles and advise further notice. I was once an affiliate like you guys, but my hard work and dedication led me to a position with Money Genie. I am excited to be here with you guys and would like to hear what it is that you need help with. 

Money Genie has changed my life drastically in just under a year. Six months ago, I was a high school student with no path. I thought for sure I was going to end up at a dead-end job. I was afraid of my future and did not want high school to end. I was going to face real life, and honestly, I was not prepared for it. 

While I was in school, I was working on Money genie. I did as little as possible because I was afraid of its legitimacy. I thought for sure that Money Genie was a scam. After I got my first check from Money Genie. I thought of making it become a full-time job. School was coming to an end, and I had enough time to put in all the necessary work needed. I was working hard and making money ferociously, and I loved it. 

I was offered a position within the team. I finally knew what my path was. I thought I was destined for a part-time job at McDonald’s, but Money Genie allowed me to do more with my life. Money Genie can also do that for each and everyone one of you guys reading this right now. I want you all to take this opportunity and make the most out of it. Who knows what position you will be in. 

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