Our Story

5 Years Of Business

Money Genie has been in the business long enough to form enough relationships to stabilize a network that’s dedicated to our affiliates. Here at Money Genie we rely on these relationships to function. These companies give us offers that you the affiliates could complete for money! Money Genie rewards you for completing these offers.

Here are Our Milestones

  • Company Started

    Money Genie
    Our company started with the intent to connect influencers with sponsors. This was a win win situation for both these parties and certainly a win for us the middle man.
  • Improved Company

    We aligned ourselves with top companies which allowed us to increase our payment rates.
  • Delivering Results

    Companies know that we deliver results and thats why they come to us for their ad needs.
  • Social Media Plan

    Top social media influencers started working with Money Genie.
  • Award Win

    We've won multiple awards at Affiliate Network Conventions.

Our Affiliate Managers